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At present the trust is located at 12, Raghuvanahalli, kanakpura main road, Bangalore-, India. People who receive help from us are mainly young girls who want to study but are forced to drop outs from school due to various reasons or relieved off from child labour and semi orphans and abandoned children due to many of the prevailing social evils.,have been brought under the care of "HECT". They are safeguarded, educated and ensured hope and security in life.

Name of the Trust : HECT Charities
Address : 12,Raghuvanahalli, kanakpura main road
Date of Registration and Number : 27.10.2010
Name of the Authorized Trustees of Represent : Ms.Vinod Rastogi & Ms. Sucharita Rastogi
UID No : (NITI AAYOG) : ******************
12 A (a) Number : 12AA/2019-20/A/10274
80 G Registration Number : ******************
Validity Till : Lifetime
FCRA Registration Number Nature : ******************
PAN number of the Trust : AAATH9034P
Bankers Name and Branch Address : Yes Bank
F.C.R.A Account Number : ******************
Authorized Signatory : Ms. Vinod Rastogi & Mrs.Sucharita Rastogi
Bank Telephone Number : ******************
Swift Code Number : ******************
IFSC CODE : ******************
Availability of the trustee or representative : 48 Hours
Trust Office Telephone : +91 7829178217 , +91 9886353917


At present the trust is located at 12, Raghuvanahalli, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore 560062 India.